Giacomo Pani

Managing Director and Founder
He is a seasoned food and beverage professional and has worked in many leading hotels and top Italian restaurants around the world

Michele Senigaglia

Corporate Chef and Founder
Currently he is the Corporate Chef and one of the founders of DiVino Group. Chef Michele’s responsibilities in the Group include total menu creation, implementation of seasonal promotions, and ensuring the maximum quality of cuisine for the customers.

Front of the house

To compliment the amazing talent we offer in the kitchen, our front of house team is equally up to task of impressing when you dine at any DiVino Group restaurant: let us take you on a journey of food when you dine with us.


Camillo Migliavacca

Restaurant manager - Spasso
Camillo worked in the hospitality industry since 1991

Randy Ortega

Assistant Operations Manager
He is the Assistant Operation Manager in DiVino Group who looks after four restaurants focusing on the bar daily operations.

Gazment Cifliku

Restaurant manager - Carpaccio
He is an enthusiastic manager with a good sense of humor.

Cosmopolitan Chefs

Our kitchen staff are the best in the industry at what they do. Bring a combined 90 years of culinary skills together, we produce award winning outstanding food.

Matteo Caripoli

Italian Chef - DiVino Patio
Chef Matteo is from Verona where is famous for Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet

Ignazio Guercio

Italian Chef - DiVino
Chef Ignazio brings his superior overseas experience to DiVino.
Dee Yau - Sous Chef

Dee Yau

Corporate Sous Chef
Chef Dee Yau has 20 years of experience working in different Italian restaurants.

Marco Furlan

Italian Chef - Spasso
Chef Marco makes always extra effort to give his guests a satisfactory dining experience.