About us

Three restaurants. One gastronomic tour around Italy.
That’s what we are presenting you. The unique opportunity to savor the most original and scrumptious fares prepared by talented Italian chefs right here in Hong Kong.
Buon Appetito!

Founded in 2003, DiVino Group is an all-Italian restaurant group, currently operating three established and distinctive Italian restaurants in Hong Kong namely, DiVino Wine Bar & Restaurant, DiVino Patio Ristorante Bar Pizzeria, Spasso Italian Bar-Restaurant-Terrace and Carpaccio Pasta Pizza Vino.
The Group opened its first restaurant — DiVino Wine Bar & Restaurant – in 2003, and two years later opened the second restaurant next door – Goccia Ristorante Bar Terrace. Both restaurants were located right in the heart of Central, Hong Kong’s most thriving business district, serving-up the finest Italian cuisine to the most discerning urban professionals and expatriates.

The following years, DiVino Group introduced three more successful concepts with Spasso Italian Bar-Restaurant-Terrace opening in 2007 (Harbour City), to be followed by Carpaccio Pasta Pizza Vino (iSquare), a neighbourhood Italian trattoria-style dining concept and in 2012, DiVino Patio Ristorante Bar Pizzeria in Wan Chai (Brim 28).

In 2013, with the relocation of Spasso, DiVino Group continues to make an indelible mark in the Hong Kong restaurant industry with its signature style of Italian cuisine and unimposing yet attentive service. Acclaimed for creating strong restaurant concepts, DiVino Group truly epitomizes the Italian lifestyle.

DiVino Group has always put corporate social responsibility into practice: here below the list of the organizations and events we supported during the years.


Year Outlet Organizer Event
2012-2016 DiVino Patio Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service Blood Donation Event
2017 Carpaccio & DiVino Children’s Medical Foundation Charity Golf
2017 DiVino The Crayon Society The Crayon Run
2016 DiVino & DiVino Patio HandsOn Drink for Good
2015 DiVino, Spasso, Carpaccio & DiVino Patio Enlighten-Action for Epilepsy Paint the Town Purple
2015 Carpaccio & DiVino Patio HandsOn HandsOn Hong Kong 2015 Raffle
2015 DiVino & DiVino Patio HandsOn Drink for Good
2014 Spasso Rotary International District 3450 The One Charity Gala
2014 DiVino Patio HandsOn 2014 Black & White Ball
2014 DiVino & DiVino Patio HandsOn Drink for Good
2014 DiVino, Spasso, Carpaccio & DiVino Patio Enlighten-Action for Epilepsy Paint the Town Purple
2014 Spasso The Color Run™ The Color Run
2013 Spasso Child Welfare Scheme Chi Fan for Charity
2013 DiVino & DiVino Patio Emergency Dining For Good
2013 DiVino HandsOn Drink for Good
2013 Spasso & DiVino Patio MSY charitable foundation Haiyan Relief
2011 Carpaccio Stretch Asia Stretch Limited Reef Charity Event 2011
2011 Spasso Society for Children Protection Society for Children Protection
2011 DiVino Watchdog Early Education Centre  2011 Watchdog Charity Luncheon
2011 DiVino SPCA Hong Kong The SPCA 90th Anniversary Raffle
2011 DiVino, Goccia, Spasso & Carpaccio Save the Children Breathe Life into Japan
2011 Spasso & Carpaccio Save the Children  ‘EVERYONE’
2010 Spasso Rotary Club Rotary Club Annual Ball 2010
2010 Spasso Watchdog Early Education Centre  2010 Watchdog Charity Luncheon