Super Happy Hour at Spasso August 2021

Super Happy Hour at Spasso

Monday to Thursday 3 to 6pm, 1 Hour Free Drinks Flow At Hk$ 138

The world is full of happy hour. But not every happy hour is created equal. At Spasso, we believe that quantity doesn’t matter when it comes to the party. We’ve developed a Happy Hour menu that ensures that you get a great selection of quality wines and prosecco. It is a good chance for you to have fun with your friends or colleagues!
We hope you can come and experience our happy hour!

Spasso Restaurant is a locally owned restaurant with Italian cuisine. It offers a wide variety of dishes with low-calorie, fresh ingredients, for the health conscious. We also have a large selection of white and red wines, beers and prosecco.

happy hour at spasso restaurant

happy hour at spasso restaurant

In between Happy Hour and Aperitivo

The ritual of the aperitivo has always represented for Italians “a moment of sharing, both of affection and of food, with relatives and friends”, “an opportunity for happiness and fun, to be spent with those who love each other” and ” the best way to disconnect from a working day “.

Many of us are familiar with the concept of the happy hour, which is a good way to socialize. For many years, it was considered a “cash-only” socialize where you paid for a drink and had an additional drink for free to get you through the evening. However, the idea of the happy hour has evolved over time to where it is now a more casual event that many of us enjoy more than the old-fashioned style.

The reason the happy hour works so well as a socializing time is because it brings people together with common interests and goals. It also provides an environment where people can have a little fun at the end of the day.

The social aspect of the happy hour has also expanded over the years, because now it can cater to the needs of many types of groups. The reasons to socialize during the hour are varied but it all boils down to one simple reason; it brings people together. If you want to socialize then the happy hour is a great place to do it.

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Spasso Restaurant is the place for you. From 3pm to 6pm every Monday through Thursday.
Enjoy 1 hour of free flow drinks at only Hk$ 138

So come and join us at Spasso Restaurant to relax with friends and family!