People often ask this questions. What makes the best lasagna?

What makes a good lasagna

What makes the best lasagna?

For those who enjoy cooking, there are several dishes from Italian tradition that are practically “untouchable”, particularly those so called “for Sunday”, when the family gathers around the table to be together.

Oven baked lasagne are categorically included in this group. The lasagne are a traditional Italian dish from Emilia Romagna, but they have now become a symbol of Italian cuisine throughout the world. In fact, lasagne al forno (oven baked lasagna) are made using ingredients that are typical of Italian cuisine, such as bolognese ragù and besciamella. They’re simple to make and are sure to please both adults and children. In fact, everyone is conquered by their powerful yet simple flavor. They’re ideal for a Sunday meal with family or a special occasion with guests. We won’t list the recipe in today’s article because we’re confident you’ll be able to find it on the internet by the dozens if not more.

Today we’ll answer some often asked questions about what to do and what “not to do” while making your own lasagna at home if you want to get a great result and leave everything to your kitchen.

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Better fresh sauce or ready-made condiments?

Oh mamma mia! … what a question, obviously an Italian grandmother would have no doubts about it, but it is also true that we must consider the rhythm of life to which many of us are used to nowadays; Where a mom or dad who has to cook for the family, has time counted in the minutes especially for those who do very demanding jobs or who have to travel back and forth from home to office. In short, ready-made ragù and béchamel are certainly practical, it is true, but using only packaged products compromises the flavor of your dish. If you want a perfect lasagna, it will be better to organize the day before, buy good, fresh minced meat, and start the sauce with a slow cooking and subsequently give it adequate rest. As for the béchamel, don’t be tempted by the low price of the package at the supermarket: making it at home is really simple and takes little time. Try to do it in abundance so that you do not miss it during the drafting of the layers.

How can you not burn it on the surface?

Simple, sprinkle it well with ragù. It is important to distribute the ragù sauce abundantly, as well as the parmesan and, if you want a crispier crust, just add a little bit of breadcrumbs. After all, even the eye wants its say.

If you can, use fresh pasta

The golden rule for making a good lasagna is to use fresh egg layered pasta. It’s not that the dry pasta, ready to use, is a mistake: we all know that it’s more convenient, but the fresh pasta adds a different flavor to the the all thing.

Why do some people advise against using parchment paper?

Since they invented it, cleaning the trays is easier. But when it comes to baked pasta, especially lasagna, using parchment paper is not a good idea. The reason? The wet bottom would make it wet with the risk of sticking to the last layer. Better to grease the pan with a little butter, pour a couple of ladles of meat sauce mixed with a little béchamel and then proceed with arranging the pasta.

How can you prevent to “dry-up” in the oven?

Before putting it in the oven, leave the lasagna at room temperature for about 1 hour.

Drying the lasagna during cooking would be a real shame. To avoid this mistake, cover it in the oven with aluminum foil for 35 minutes then uncover for the last 10, so that a nice crust is created.

wine pairings with food

And if you want to combine a good glass of wine with your lasagna you can choose something not necessarily full-bodied. A refreshing wine like Lambrusco (served fresh) or a Valpolicella are fine.

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