Burrata Cheese and why is so good

Burrata Cheese and why is so good

Burrata is a fresh cow’s milk cheese with a spun paste, similar to mozzarella but with a considerably softer and stringier consistency, produced in the Murge, particularly in Andria (BA), its birthplace, and other parts of Puglia. The so-called stracciatella (soft inside) has an exterior casing formed of a sheet of mozzarella paste, while the center is creamy and made of whey butter.

Today, it is regarded as a great delicacy because of its simple preparation, which does not require seasoning. Burrata was created as a result of a peasant need, as with many other goods in the past, to reuse any production leftovers by combining the remnants from the processing of spun curd with cream and wrapping everything in a filate pasta wrapper.

Without the use of any machinery or technology, the expert cheesemakers labor mostly with their bare hands in boiling water. It’s produced by hand with a whey cream filling and pieces of stretched curd; the filling is called Stracciatella because the mozzarella paste pieces are torn by hand, and it’s wrapped in a “bag” made of spun mozzarella paste.

How is burrata made?

Fresh milk, whey acquired by acidifying a portion of the previous day’s milking, and calf rennet are combined to make it. When the liquid begins to coagulate, the first phase, known as curd, is formed. The bulk is roughly broken at this point, yielding a liquid part with a greenish color, the whey, and the true curd, which is a series of bumps. The mozzarella paste is let to rest for 4-5 hours, or until it begins to shred.

How to enjoy it

Burrata is like a real eruption of milk taste that is exquisite in its simplicity. It tastes best when eaten alone or with fresh veggies and a dab of extra virgin olive oil.

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A typical bag’s construction

The bag is created by blowing air on a one-centimeter-thick sheet of spun paste to achieve the appropriate shape. The wrapper is then filled with stretched curd and whey cream, and the bag is sealed with a food-safe straw ribbon (the real ones are no longer in use) before being dropped into the spinning water.

Leaves of native herbs, such as asphodel, were traditionally used. Before packaging, the burrata is salted by immersing it in brine for a few minutes. Preservatives are present in several products supplied by large shops. Fresh stretched curd cheese made from cow’s milk, salt, rennet, and pasteurized cream should be the only components in the real fresh made burrata.

A good wine to pair with burrata

As for wine pairing, and if you want to try some excellent Italian wine, burrata goes perfectly with dry white wine like Sardinian Vermentino or sparkling white wine like Prosecco from Veneto.

Interesting facts about burrata

Flatbreads and focaccias loaded with pasta and croutons are also wonderful. Burrata should never be cooked, and it can only be used as a finishing touch on a hot first course instead of regular cheese. Recently, some Italian and international chefs have used burrata to produce ice creams, creams, foams, and bases for seafood and shellfish dishes.

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The buffalo burrata is a creamy secret that reveals itself on the palate.

This fresh stretched curd cheese is a historical expression of the Campania dairy art.
Together with buffalo mozzarella DOP it is a symbolic product of a simple and tasty cuisine.