Wondering what to eat in Hong Kong? Here are some of the Italian culinary marvels that every connoisseur should sample.

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Eat Italian Hong Kong by Spasso Restaurant

The culinary delights of Italy are legendary, and every connoisseur should experience them at least once. We all know the ever so popular pastas like, carbonara, matriciana, vongolole, aglio e olio, and so on, however, in today’s article, we could not avoid mentioning some of the less known dishes that are worth to sample whenever you can as they are just as good as those big names.

Fresh ingredients are always a must

While in Italy, every food lover should experience the varying cuisines. From simple to elaborate pasta dishes, the country’s cuisine is based on fresh ingredients and seasonality. Many of its dishes are relatively simple and require only a handful of ingredients, which are carefully chosen. Although the country is small, it offers vastly different culinary experiences.

A trip to Italy can seem like a journey through many worlds as every region has its own cuisine with different main dishes and, you better believe it…They are just amazing!.

Pasta is perhaps the most popular dish in Italy, and the region of Lazio is famous for its fresh, homemade pasta. Here, wide noodles are preferred (pappardelle-style), and the meaty sauce is topped with a creamy bechamel sauce which makes a rich and plentiful explosion of taste when you savor it.

The “cacciatora” dishes

Another great pasta is the rigatoni with mushroom and wild boar blend (alla cacciatora). This is a dish that can be found in different regions and every one has his own variations, for instance in the south of the peninsula there are many places where it’s prepared with a red wine reduction sauce which makes it a true delicatessen.

There are hundreds of variations of the many classic pasta dishes, to the point that many American chefs are now riffing on the Italian classic, by traveling to Italy and experiencing the true food culture in small villages and less well-known towns where they can learn recipes for the “Mamma’s” kitchen to then bring back home what they learnt and make their own variations for their posh restaurants.

To experience Italy’s “cucina povera,” you can take a cooking class in Elba or Tuscany. Learn the secrets of Sardinian cooking in Alghero, or perfect your chef skills in Sorrento’s fish and fruit markets. You will defietely find a wealth of delicious regional dishes in any oth the regions. Its many culinary delights should make your Italian food travel experience an unforgettable one.

A good fish soup from Liguria is another Italian culinary marvels

Liguria is a coastal region in Northwest Italy and is synonymous with the Italian Riviera. Fresh seafood is a staple in Liguria, including the cioppino (ciuppin in the local dialect) – a fish soup originally made to use up leftover fish. Today, cioppino is a popular dish in Liguria, where seafood and fish are used mainly in pasta and antipasti ai frutti di mare.

Italian culinary marvelsThe “Scaloppina alla Milanese” from Lombardia

A visit to Milan will be the perfect way to sample the city’s unique cuisine. Known for its hardworking culture, the city also boasts an active nightlife. While in Milan you will have a great selection of eateries, from the most simple to the more sophisticate.

Ideally you will want to sample some of the local specialties, including the Italian culinary marvels signature deep fried breaded veal escalope of Lombardy which if you have never tried before will definitely shock your taste buds with their crunchiness and “gusto”.

You could also savor some other classic dishes, including veal cutlets stuffed with cheese and pepper, and the yellow risotto, a luscious rice dish made with saffron.

Orecchiette from Puglia

The eggless dough that is used to make orecchiette is formed into little cup-shaped morsels. This shape is ideal for delivering sauces, and the pasta is typically served in Puglia with cime di rapa (turnip tops). While turnip tops are traditionally used, broccoli rabe can be substituted. The bitter greens in orecchiette pair perfectly with red wine.

If you’re looking for some recipes that will showcase this dish, try combining it with broccoli rabe, a common vegetable in southern Italy. Another tasty way to serve orecchiette is with a gravy made with pork chops or tomato sauce.

All about seafood in Sicily

Sicily is one of Italy’s most fertile regions, resulting in a variety of produce and seafood. Foods here include octopus, fresh sardines, tuna, swordfish, and more. The region is also known for its seafood, especially lobster. Regardless of your preferred seafood type, you’ll surely find it on an Italian menu.

What to eat in Hong Kong?

Italy is famous for its food. Whether you’re interested in ancient civilizations, the wonders of the world, or just love to eat, Italy offers a rich array of culinary delights for every connoisseur. Each region has something different to offer.

Eat Italian in Hong Kong at Spasso

Spasso – Italian Bar Restaurant Terrace
G5-8, 12-17, Empire Centre,
68 Mody Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui East
Info +852 2730 8027

This airy, light-filled restaurant is a great choice for large groups because of its outside terrace, which overlooks Victoria Harbour.  Spasso’s Gourmet Italian Brunch is popular; it has a seafood carousel, a carvery, and a variety of free-flowing alternatives, among other things.

There are a lot of traditional foods to choose from. A “pizzaiolo” (professional pizza chef) at the restaurant hand-tosses and bakes the pizza bases in an open-flamed Stonewood oven at the restaurant.

Italian culinary marvels dishes you can try in Hong Kong at Spasso Restaurant:

  • Home made ravioli filled with ‘chicken alla cacciatora’ warm buffalo mozzarella fondue & parsley cream
  • Veal cutlet Milanese (Scaloppina alla Milanese) with baby rocket & Italian cherry tomatoes


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