What Makes Italian Food Hong Kong So Special?

There are several things that make Italian Food Hong Kong so special. The Italian culture treats every meal as a reward and celebration. In addition, Italian cooking is all about the love of the products and the respect for tradition.

Simple ingredients

Its cornerstone ingredients include pasta, tomatoes, olive oil, basil, wine, and mushrooms. Italians have perfected their recipes over thousands of years. They have incorporated influences from other Mediterranean countries to French,  to even Arab civilizations. The New World also had a large impact on Italian cuisine, and they brought ingredients from Central and Southern America.

Italians use olive oil in such a way that it enhances the flavors of the food and has many health benefits. Fish is often used, including anchovies, which they love adding to their pasta, salads and of course, pizza. They also have plenty of cured meats. They are masters at preserving foods, and they turn meats into sausages that are a real delicacy both when cured and eaten raw or cooked. Even simple ingredients such as traditional pickled vegetables make Italian food special.

While mass-produced products are no doubt delicious, Italian cooking has a high regard for tradition and quality. Italian cuisine is healthy, nourishing, and pleasing to the palate. It is also an important part of Italian culture.

Italian food Hong Kong catering

Italian food Hong Kong is also available for catering

Respect for tradition

What makes Italian food so unique is its respect for tradition. Italians love the art of creating a good meal and they take pride in the quality of the ingredients. It is hard not to love an Italian meal.

Italian Hong Kong citizens, long residents and expats temporarily and permanently living in Hong Kong, have maintained many of the traditions of their homeland. They place great importance on family and close relationships, value Sundays and family dinners. Local Italians also have a busy social calendar, celebrating Hong Kong and Italian holidays.  They believe in sharing the same deep love and family traditions that made their home country so special.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the table is the social hub of the household. Italians place a high value on food, so they are careful to balance flavors and use spices moderately.

Passion for Italian products

Authentic Italian food is synonymous with a never-ending supply of delicious ingredients, from cured meats to DOP cheeses, to handmade pasta and sauces.

The country has a colorful history that has produced emperors, conquerors, concubines, and empires. This history has left a culinary trail that still reveals its enduring appeal.

Ancient Italians consumed plenty of fruits, meats, and vegetables. They did not, however, have tomatoes, which did not arrive until the 15th century.

Italian food has a special place in the hearts of people all over the world. Italian chefs take their time to prepare each dish, and the result is a meal that satisfies the senses while feeding the body. Experiencing authentic Italian food is more than just a delicious treat – it’s an insight into the Italian culture.

Many of the ingredients are easy to find and easy to prepare, making the cooking process a breeze.  The Italians are also proud of their heritage, and only produce the best products.

Cooking from scratch

Cooking from scratch is not only healthier, but it also saves money. Moreover, the food tastes much better. There are a few simple sauces that everyone can make at home. Tomato and basil sauce, for example, are easy to make. Another easy sauce to make is pesto.

A typical Italian meal consists of four to eight ingredients. The emphasis is on quality over quantity. The Italian philosophy of cooking makes it simple to create beautiful dishes for your family.

Authentic Italian dishes emphasize the natural flavors of the main ingredients. This helps retain the flavor and freshness of the food. As a result, an authentic Italian meal is unique and varied. Authentic Italian cooking requires a high level of culinary skills.

In addition, Italian cuisine emphasizes the use of fresh produce. Italians also prefer not consuming too much processed foods. Consequently, it is not uncommon for people to make their meals from scratch. Moreover, Italians also adhere to strict health standards. This means that they do not use salad dressings or saturated fats.

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