Best Brunch Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui East: A must on Sundays!

Best Brunch Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui East

Brunch has a few secrets that you may not have known about

How thoughtful of your friends to ask you to go for a brunch, which you gladly accepted. But what exactly is brunch?

Don’t worry, if you don’t know, we’ll tell you, and you might want to host one to amuse your friends in a different way than the normal lunch, dinner, or aperitif.

So, let’s figure out what brunch is, when to eat it, and, most importantly, what to wear when attending the perfect brunch. Yes, you heard it right; Brunch and fashion go very well together!

The brief description

Brunch is a meal that falls between breakfast and lunch; in fact, it is most commonly held on Sunday mornings, when people sleep in a bit longer but are too early for lunch or too late for breakfast. Consider your meal options combined now and you are stating to get the picture.

The name is a combination of two English phrases that refer to two different meals: breakfast and lunch.

It’s a highly common practice in the United States, and we’ve obviously inherited it with zeal. Brunch is commonly served between 11am and 4pm and contains all of the delicacies provided at a sweet breakfast, as well as savory dishes such as cold meats, cold cuts, cheeses, and savory pies. Fruit, of course, cannot be overlooked.

Best Brunch Hong Kong Wanchai

Enjoy the Best Brunch Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui East at Spasso Italian Restaurant

Brunch has a long history

Brunch started in England in the nineteenth century, and it was inspired by the buffets that aristocratic hunting parties provided.

Brunch became an official name in 1895, thanks to writer Guy Beringer, who drew attention to the Sunday breakfast, which is often more substantial in order to recuperate from Saturday night’s excesses.

However, the Sunday morning meal that we are familiar with is the American brunch, which was first served in the 1930s.

This meal had been a huge hit in North America and the British Isles, yet it had never been frowned upon in continental Europe nor in Asia for many years to come. However, there are many establishments that serve brunch now, and the number is steadily expanding throughout both Europe and Asia.

What should you wear to attend a brunch?

Brunch fashion outfit for ladies

Brunch fashion outfit for ladies

For the ladies

What to dress to brunch varies depending on the season and the sort of place, and there are numerous clothing options.

A suggested style for ladies of all ages is an informal look.

Try it with a basic pair of jeans, a brilliantly colored t-shirt, a pink sweater, and black or dark blue mules and a handbag for an even more casual look.

Those who wish to appear more sophisticated can wear a trench coat over a dress or a suit with a knee-length skirt and a scarf.

If the brunch is in the summer, you can wear floral-patterned dresses with neutral-colored bags and shoes that are the same color as the flowers on the dress.

Gentleman fashion outfit for brunch

Gentleman fashion outfit for brunch

For the gentlemen

We also considered a brunch outfit for him, with more trendy clothing and colors. The mix of a t-shirt and slacks is casual and comfortable.

The light, ready-to-wear crew neck sweater looks great with washed-out, skinny jeans with or without turn-ups, depending on your personal style.

This decision is critical in order to properly highlight the patterns of the vibrant and charming socks, which add a breath of lightness and goliardia to the ensemble. The outfit is finished off with a plaid sports jacket in blue and gray tones.

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